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Lifelong service: Bray controls maintenance service life of the product.

1、Bolley control of its products are guaranteed for 12 months.
2、after the expiration of the warranty period, the expenses incurred by the customer can also be resolved through consultation.
2、damage caused by defects in the design or manufacture, not normal use, it cannot control responsible for maintenance, maintenance can be returned.
3、human factors and irresistible factors caused by the product cannot be used, it is responsible for the maintenance of control. The expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer or negotiated by both parties.

product failure solution during warranty period
1、communicate with field engineer through telephone to solve trouble.
2、can not solve the telephone, the customer can be sent back to control maintenance products blake.
3、the product cannot be sent back for repairs, Bolley control new products to replace the scene. The problem products back to my company, the test is the product quality problems, it cost control. If it is not a quality problem, the cost of the new product will be borne by the customer.
4、maintenance personnel to the scene, it control the maintenance personnel arrived at the scene in 24 - 72 hours (depending on distance).